Shout out to the World!

My intention is to improve my English writting skills, so have a mercy when you see something is written totally wrong. Secondary, this blog is to practise WordPress design, customizations and programming. Don’t be shy, tell me what I’ve missed.

Last thing I would like to share is my experience, joy, excitements what I do and how I live. If you interest, you can share thoughts and comments… I’ll start with moto category…


of motorcycle accidents happen in urban areas


accidents happen under clear and sunny weather


fatalities were motorcycle riders were alcohol-impaired


helmet use significantly lowers the number of fatalities

Awsome Bikes


Honda – Africa Twin

Honda – Rebel

Ducati – Multistrada

Ducati – Scrambler

Triumph – Tiger

Kawasaki – Versys

Yamaha – Tracer

Suzuki – V-Strom

Home Automation

Voice controlled devices that automate, control, measure and detect events and physical values

Amazon Echo Dot – Alexa

Interactive voice assistant that can do just about everything. Whether you want to check your calendar, launch your favorite playlists, check the weather, or get the latest info on your local sports teams. Or voice control any other smart home device.

Google Data Studio & BigQuery

Monitors all sensor values and present it. Data is recorded for analytics and learning.

Smart Remote – Broad Link

Has ability to replace any infrared remote controller, or any wifi controller. With that option, you can centralize control and transfer it to mobile phone or Alexa.

Automated job

Let devices do jobs while you are away or when a job has to be done.

ESP 8266 NodeMCU

This little electronic board with 4MB and integrated Wifi can be most powerfull device when programmed. Integration with local network, cloud servers through API and pin-connection controlled sensor devices gives you the enourmous possibilities.


Secure your values while you are away or relaxed at home.

I love BEERs while I’m not on the WHEELs

Step by step for a beer to my friends

Choose a recepie

Mostly, I prefer dark beer stout or porter. I found recepies in a local Brewery store.

Buy ingrediants

Grain, hops, yeast, and water. Good will, some apliances, time, nice weather etc. 🙂

Beer is cooked

Just five or six hours for a magic that will last for next 3-4 months. First phase is the most important

Fill it into the bottles

After 2 weeks of a fermentation and beer is ready to be bottled. 2 weeks more and will be ready for consuming.


As long as it lasts. I don’t have any special equipment for a fermentation such as frigerator so I have to wait perfect conditions to start over.

Table Tennis

Unce upon a time I used to play table tennis.

I had a team and have played some TT league. Video shows one of the match that we played against our friends from Pešćenica. I have so much video’s but mostly they are bored to watch. Playing it was far better, especialy because of after-hours in a local bar.

Indor Football

I’m pretty far from good player, but I found a joy in that game.

Again, sport is not on the first place. I wouldn’t bother you as I did with table tennis. Actually, I put table tennis video because, everyone asks how I played…

But I have to tell you about football results. Everything counts, goals are recorded, best scorers etc.

I have tools for woodworking, I have a need to do some simple furniture

So, I hope that I wouldn’t wait for a retirement to do something wooden with a purpose.

Meet My Virtual Friends

Who will share content with me on a web would have special place to praise

John Doe

Team Leader

John Doe

Support Manager

John Doe

PHP Developer

John Doe

Graphic Designer

From Our Blog Posts

This is your awesome sub title

What you need to have a website like this one

Simple explanation

Your Domain

You can buy it on domain registar such as godaddy, namecheap, google, or get it when you buy a hosting space

Get Content

I took some photos and videos from my archive, content is written on a fly (obvious, isn’t it)

SEO optimization

If you want that your audience is not only your friends that you shared url, you can read about setup content to be liked by search engines and maybe you would like to see what content has more popularity

Web hosting

This CMS (content management system) is full managed myself, but you can get some hosting solutions like blue-host, siteground, and many more…

Get Web Page Authoring Tricks

WP is the most popular platform in the world and more than 35% is using it. That means that you have so much tutorials, videos, couldn’t be complex

Don’t Forget About People with Dissabilities

When creating content, think about contrast that someone would easy to read it, don’t put big text, better fill it with some images and infographics. Bare in mind that some of people cannot hear a sound on your posted video. Provide zoom on your website and let your web-site can be used by only a keyboard

Get a Web Theme

This is a Wordpress website so I pick up one of zillion offered, and most important was layout. Not to be complex so I do not need to customize too much.

Aditional Plugins

Like WP themes, there are so many plugins that can enhance and help you with creation and maintenance web pages. I used just few. Fear of update need was strong enough.

Final Thoughts

It’s not needed to be done in a day, and you can improved in steps. Good luck.

It was hard to fill a single front page. But I tried to do it in a day. Next to come is to start writting posts and other pages. Maybe I can use a help of GPT.

“I left this place on a website to share links with interesting websites.”

Lexica Art

Use AI to create images, I used for the hero image and form image


If you have need to create music for your video

WP setup tutorials